Experimentation to build a new

A mass consumption brand wants to enter a category completely out of its core: snacks, but they want to do so in a credible and relevant way so that they are a definite competitor in the "red sea" of the current category.

What did we do?

We created an experimental laboratory with consumers who had different lifestyles, diets, etc. We captured global and local trends by researching on the internet, and even going to POS, to bring them as inspiration and creative input to these laboratories.

We wanted to understand from a more organic and ethnographic environment the needs and motivations that people experience today and define the gap where the opportunity to position a snack lies.

Our final results

We created a new brand for this product line. We identified problems and needs that were not being resolved and we defined a powerful territory and a concept that would help make the idea tangible and inspire future developments and implementations.

We landed a communication brief for the Communication team and a product brief for the R&D team. And, together with the client, we co-created an innovation pipeline, its scope and limitations. We finalized the step by step process and understood the category and its opportunities while gaining a clear view on which path to take to develop this idea from the ground up.