Connecting valuable insights for a successful launch

Mexican beauty is being redefined , and within that universe, health is playing an important role in making decisions. Our client wanted to understand in depth how women experience a category that combines aesthetic and health elements and is still quite young: Sunscreens.

What did we do?

We had 3 key touchpoints with consumers. Triads were designed to gain an understanding about the general knowledge of the category , and its products and brands and also to look into the routines and elements that DO work for different lifestyles.

Then we contrasted what was said vs what was done, following up on the triads with post-tasks that focused on the application of sunscreen and general skincare routines, co-creation groups to design, adjust, and validate product concepts that met the needs and expectations of the product in its daily use.

Our final results

Consumers of both the category and brand, and also product insights that help define the next steps to take in the Mexico division while moving globally towards launching the new product.