March 1, 2024
The new school of romanticism: Heartbreak

Diana Hernández· Innovation Specialist
Desiree Estrada· Human Culture Specialist

We have to talk about the new school of romanticism that helps us make visible and depressurize talking about the black side of love not only with our partner, but with friends, brands, etc. #ElPoderDelLanguaje is incorporating and popularizingnew terms...

Talk aboutlove or heartbreakIt continues to be a hot topic where emotions, codes and literally the ways of calling everything we feel when we are part of any relationship are constantly redefined.

  • Fishing:Send several messages to the contacts you want, make general matches and choose from the options... let's see which one falls.
  • Status:It is a way of relating in which something exists, but, at the same time, nothing exists...we are everything and nothing, do you accept?
  • Ghosting: close all communication and contact with a partner or friend without prior notice and subsequently ignore any attempt at rapprochement... like a ghost that appears and disappears????
  • Catfishing:When a person creates a fake persona online, they can even use photos and personal details of another person to impersonate them… and yes, this is a scam. Not everything that glitters is gold… especially not on the internet!
  • Flexing:do everything to impress someone, inventing hobbies, experiences to get attention
  • Gaslighting:It is a manipulation tactic to cast doubt on another person's own perception, judgment or even memory... did you know that this term comes from the movie “Gaslight”?

Pure red flags, right? Are they new love practices? or heartbreak?:

As a brand, we should look athow people are coding relationshipsthrough this new language and thereby inspire us for future strategies and prevent... ghosting our brand or product.