June 22, 2024
Clear & Neat – Functional Foods

Juan Sayago: Strategy specialist

Are you one of those who read the ingredients of the products you buy? Let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! According to several sources, 5 out of 10 consumers in Mexico have the habit of doing so[1]. The data remains in Europe[2]. But this was not always so. Until a few years ago the data was much lower and almost no one turned the pack to see the nutritional information.

This change responds to a consumer double E = ANDxpert and ANDxigent (who has judgment and who demands quality), who rationalizes his purchase and reflects on it a little more. For this, the brands themselves are no longer enough to sustain the purchase. Strong arguments must be given to reinforce the intention and their loyalty.

But, regardless of changes in consumption, practicality remains a must. The consumer does not have all the time in the world to read every detail in the nutritional information of their entire purchase. And that's not to mention the lack of technical knowledge that prevents many from understanding the formulation 100%.

For this reason, more and more brands are opting for CLEAR and TRANSPARENT positions that highlight certain attributes of the product.

  • Expressed in their packs with simple and direct messages that have as their protagonist a hero ingredient
  • Expressed in their concepts with brands built from clear and straightforward premises like THAT'S IT! a food brand with two ingredients and their equivalents: in each product 20 apples and 4 raspberries.
  • Expressed in seals that transmit certain qualities of the product to be Free Non GMO, organic, sustainable, responsible...


Behind all this we could say that there is a search to transmit more with less. Be synthetic with the information we have and connect with simple but mobilizing arguments.

We believe this is just the beginning. Brands will continue to make their products transparent and reveal what previously eluded us or did not interest us, but will we be able to live up to it? How convenient will it be? How will we relearn to play with emotion, surprise? Many questions that we love to share and on which we invite you to reflect.

[1] https://www.kantar.com/latin-america/inspiracion/sostenibilidad/mexicanos-si-leen-etiquetas-de-los-productos-que-compra

[2] https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/public-health-nutrition/article/nutrition-labels-on-prepackaged-foods-a-systematic-review/F28676122435F2FC22D404AA268C2DB0