March 21, 2024
About fashion what is uncomfortable… for society and the times to come

Yussef Medina· Innovation Specialist

Fashion has long been a reflection of societyand the social changes that have defined it. From ancient Greece to the present day, fashion has been a means for people to express their individuality, their identity, and often their social standing. It has evolved over centuries, and has been driven by a variety of factors, from technology to politics and economics.

One of the most notable trends in fashion has been exaggeration.. In times of social and global crisis, fashion has tended to become more dramatic and extravagant. For example, during the First World War, fashion became austere and functional, while in the 70s it went to the extremes of bright colors and striking shapes, something more comfortable but extravagant at the same time to express its freedom and peace movement

We are currently living in a time of significant social change, and fashion seems to be reflecting these changes.An emerging trend in fashion is the focus on shoes.Shoes are becoming increasingly extravagant and eye-catching, with styles ranging fromBid Red Boots(Astro boy's red boots) to Astro boy's shoesMario Brosand the shoes withhulk feet.

This trend can be seen asa way to escape reality, to experience something different and exciting in an increasingly uncertain world. However, it can also be seen as a sign that we are in a time of significant change and, possibly, existential crisis? I would say yes.

And we have started to thinkHow should this social behavior be approached, following the exaggerated and cartoonish trend?We can go beyond the hand of maximalism, stretching the rubber band to reach places never imagined where social and contextual uncertainty is overshadowed by an accessory of our favorite childhood character or to the minimalist extreme of being fashionable with a t-shirt. Striped in basic color.

In the end taking a stand and leading the way can be riskier, but it can also be more rewarding. Brands that lead the way in fashion can have a significant impact on society, helping to drive positive social changes and be recognized as thought leaders in their industry.A clear example is the LOEWE brand and its collection of pixels.

In conclusion,The relationship between the fashion industry and social changes has been significant throughout history.A way of expression, an escape valve for everything that is experienced in the context, it is like looking away while something else happens, that something else is fun, exciting and also gives something to talk about but...Are we reaching the limit?How to get on or go against this from other categories?