March 21, 2024
When the person is prioritized, the professional grows

Eva Zarate· Human Culture Specialist

According to the Washington Post,You reach 100 years old with good genetics, fresh air and friends.

It is curious that genetics is only the25%, the other75%It is related to: where you live, what you eat, how often you exercise and the support system you have through friends or family.

That is, 25% is what we are made of,75% what do we do with it. And in what we do, no profession is ever mentioned. Something that contrasts greatly with a reality where 5 days a week you spend (at least) 8 hours a day at a job.

Socially and business-wise, the trend is toassess people in amount of activity they do(or produce), that is, to value them based on their performance. Something that people also tend to do with themselves.

You do not believe me? Say out loud (and with conviction):"today I have done absolutely nothing”,how do you feel?,What will the people around you think of you when they hear you say that?do you like it?

We have brought the capitalist system to humans, and we are beginning to become aware that it is necessary to question it. That with us, it doesn't apply.

When it comes to machines, dividing utility and profit makes sense: we can make them work harder so they produce more.Making us function more does not make us produce more.Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • Extensive hours, with productivity (or not) – burnout, exhaustion, disconnection, apathy…
  • Feeling of “not serving”,“not be useful” when you do not have a strong rhythm of activity, both during work hours and in your personal life? – impacting self-esteem, stress,…
  • Personal assessment linked to professional assessment– which implies that with success at work I feel successful and at the top, but without it… I get lost


People cannot be divided, we are who we are, our essence is what moves us, what feeds us, what really charges our batteries. The different roles we play are just different areas towards which we direct that energy, towards where we direct who we are.

And is that, our energyIt is not charged only by sleeping or eating well,It is also loaded with enjoying what we do.

If you think about a day when you were full of work, but you liked everything,how did you finish it?Most likely full of energy, happy and you probably slept great that night; On the contrary, a day when you don't have so much load, but you have to do everything that you like less,how do you finish?Surely exhausted, your sleep has probably also suffered.

The more aligned you arewho we are and what we like, with what we do, moresatisfied and happywe feel. It's not about thinking about nice things, it's about knowing oneself and acting in our own favor.

Don't run to look for another job, most of the time, that “alignment” is a matter of perspective. To be clearWho am I and what does my profession bring me?, and, therefore, what am I going to ask for from it and what do I want to give in it.

This is what is mainly worked on in personal and business coaching processes (also in therapeutic processes). Putting the person at the center, working from theself-knowledge, to take perspective of what each of the areas of their life brings to the person, and, with this, be aware ofWhat are you going to take from each one?, what she wants to give of herself to them and how she wants to do it.

The result arepeople who enjoy what they do much more,They increase their level of energy and motivation, they become more self-confident and with this their creative and problem-solving capacity increases. And yes, it also increases your productivity, especially qualitatively.

But they also have an extra value, they are a good virus: their presence improves the environment and they tend to spread your good mood and energy.Enjoyment is contagious.

TheI professional, The me personal(with all theI'swhat it entails), all,belong to the same human, when everyone is directed by the same human, and everyone works at his service, the human grows, and with him, all those roles he plays.