Prototype Creation

Highly innovative product development

Our client needed to develop a product with a high level of technology and differentiation to position itself as the #1 competitor and gain advantage over competitors in the category of adult personal care, and develop a product with a high level of technology and uniqueness.

To do this, we developed an innovation pipeline.

What did we do?

To obtain in-depth knowledge of the category, we first mapped the territories (absorption, flexibility and discretion), and subsequently we carried out cross-chambers with experts in each of the identified territories (e.g. Gardener for the absorption territory, dancer for the flexibility territory).

With all the insights collected we developed an Inspirational Book. Later, in a co-creation session with the client we developed a Strategic Plan and finally, landed the Innovation Pipeline. As a last step, we developed the final prototype.

Our final results

We achieved a launch campaign with a high percentage of engagement and a re-conceptualization of the category in terms of perception.