Ethnography to understand key consumption motivators

We know that cereal is a hyper-relevant category when we think about breakfast and dinners for Mexicans, but... could it just be an imaginary that the category itself has built?

Our client wanted to know much more about Mexican breakfasts and dinners, and how the rituals of these two daily events are built. Especially, what opportunities in innovation and / or communication could be activated through each of their brands.

What did we do?

An scene scanner: we placed cameras in kitchens and family rooms. We went behind the scenes for 1 week, collecting more than 70 hours of video about family's breakfasts and dinners.

We interviewed each of the families and implemented gaming dynamics that allowed us to extract powerful behavioral insights.

Our final results

An Insights Book providing over 25 behavioral insights and opportunities around breakfast and dinner time that could be put into action immediately, giving a gentle nudge in the right direction to our client.

Additionally, to raise awareness and inspire the brand, we presented an after movie, with bloopers included, that emphasized each insight we had found and demonstrated the breakfast and dinner rituals we had discovered.